#46: What Are You Waiting For?

#46: What Are You Waiting For?

There’s many reasons why we don’t follow our dreams: we lack time, money or other resources; we fear failure (or success); we don’t know where to start. It’s too late, it’s too soon, it’s too silly to start.

We really believe these “reasons.” They sound perfectly plausible.

In fact, when you present these excuses to others, you probably get a sympathetic nod. “You stopped illustrating that children’s book because you don’t have time? I totally understand.” “You’re abandoning your dream of spending a summer in the Alps because work is too busy? I know how that goes.”

Other people agree with you because they’re telling themselves the same lie.

It’s time to stop lying to ourselves.

We may have perfectly legitimate reasons for not following the path that makes our souls sing. Or we may just have a long list of flimsy excuses. I’m betting it’s the latter.

The magic of journaling allows us to truly explore the reasons behind our motivations, actions, and inactions.

Seeing your truth in writing can be both startling and motivating. So get out your journal and turn to a blank page.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I waiting for?

Set a timer for ten minutes and write. Write everything that comes to mind, and don’t stop writing.

The first responses will be the usual: I don’t have time. I don’t have money. So and so won’t let me.

Keep journaling.

Next will come the deeper excuses: I’m afraid of failure. I’m afraid of success (!!!). I’m afraid people will think I’m selfish/crazy/irresponsible.

Those responses hit a little closer to home.

But keep journaling. The deeper you dig, the more real your answers become. Then you can ask yourself:

  • Are these reasons really more important than my dreams?

Once you see them spelled out on the page — the real reasons you’re not following your dreams — you just may realize they’re not as insurmountable as you thought. They may even appear downright silly.

You deserve to follow a path that brings you closer to joy with every step. Start the journey today.

#45: Well, I Never!

#45: Well, I Never!

Are you proud of what you’ve never done?

Or are there things you’d like try that you haven’t yet? This week’s prompt centers on the things we haven’t done.

In your journal, make two lists: things you’ve never done (thankfully!) and things you intend to do for the first time (soon!).

For example, if you’ve never been arrested, kudos to you. Doesn’t it feel good to write that accomplishment on the list?

#44: What Makes You Feel Abundant?

#44: What Makes You Feel Abundant?

I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance lately. You know, that feeling of enoughness. Which is, ironically, rare in our land o’ plenty.

The abundance mindset is a powerful state of believing you have enough of whatever you need. That you will be taken care of. That you can trust the Universe and the people around you to meet your needs.

When you embrace an abundance mindset, you take risks that bring great rewards. You give to others from the bottom of the heart. You are generous and bold.

The magical part? Acting from a place of abundance actually creates abundance.

#43: Whose Permission Do You Need for Self Care?

#43: Whose Permission Do You Need for Self Care?

I’ve been really sick this week. I’m not telling you this because I want sympathy. (Okay, I want sympathy. But that’s besides the point.) I’m telling you this because it took me three full days of dragging my ill body around before I gave myself permission to get in bed and be sick.

I noticed on day three of this raging cold that I was journaling yet again about how sick I was and how much work I had to do. How I didn’t have time to be sick. How I really just wanted to climb in bed with my Theraflu and Netflix.

It’s funny how we get to be adults, dishing out permission left and right to others, yet we still forget to give ourselves permission for self-care.

#42: Who’s in Your Fan Club?

#42: Who’s in Your Fan Club?

I’ve been writing about community a lot lately. This is a communal time of year. Because of the holidays, we spend a lot of time with one another. Parties at home and work, social events, dinners, celebrations.

But not all company is created equal.

I’m not the first to stand in a room full of people and feel alone. Being in a room full of warm bodies and being surrounded by loving forces are not necessarily the same thing.