About Me

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Kristin and journal writing saved my life.

I’ve been journaling daily for more than three decades. I created this site in 2010 so everyone can enjoy the benefits of this amazing practice.

I live and write in New York. When I’m not journaling, I like to read psychology books, play with my Siamese cat Starlee, and ride my Vespa in the sun.

Always feel free to drop me a line and say hi or ask a question. I read all the emails I get, and I do my best to get back to you even if it takes a bit.

If you’re new to the site, I recommend starting here. You can also visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for some journaling essentials.

So, what are my credentials?

Well, I have a dusty piece of paper that says I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Boston University, so somebody thought I could write. I was also a Web Content Developer at circle.com where I wrote articles and developed content strategies for a variety of web sites.

My real experience, however, comes from the daily practice of sitting at this desk and putting words on the page every morning. For 30 years and counting, I consistently journal for about an hour most days, whether or not I want to. And especially when I don’t want to. I have kept a daily journal since I was 12 years old and have never flagged in my dedication to the craft.

I write by hand and have filled over 200 notebooks with the innards of my tumultuous brain. (That’s a sampling of my journals in the header up there.) Some rough math bears out that I’ve spent at least 12,000 hours journaling and filled about 34,560 pages. If that doesn’t qualify me to give you some free advice on the topic, well, you should read my post on overcoming perfectionism.

While the quality of my journaling is debatable, the quantity is undeniable. And as you’ll hear me tell you repeatedly if you spend any time on this website, quantity is always our goal when it comes to journaling. You take care of the quantity, and the quality will take care of itself.

Take a tour with me!

Read all about my journal of choice in Blueline Notebooks: a Love Story. The post includes photos of my journals and ideas you can try out for yourself.

Here is a video tour of my notebooks through the years that can provide you with things to consider while choosing a journal to use. This video is 10 years old but the only thing that’s changed is I’ve added 65 more Blueline Notebooks to the tally. Oh, and I finally got my hair under control. 😉

Believe me when I tell you that journaling does indeed save. I would love nothing more than for you to explore the free resources here at Journaling Saves and take them for a test drive. You don’t have to go crazy and ingest everything to benefit. Just check out an article or two that catches your eye and get inspired to try journaling or deepen your current practice.

I love audience participation.

I’m always open to new ideas. Many of my articles and podcasts are in response to reader requests for assistance on a specific topic. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the site, please drop me a line.

I am also interested in guest posts and interviews, whether you’d like to share your own wisdom with Journaling Saves or you’d like me to contribute to your publication. Use my contact form and a detailed subject line so I can find it in my deluge of email. I do my best to read every email I receive, even if it takes me a bit!

Thanks so much for coming. I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited for you to check out my labor of love that I’ve spent the past decade building for you. I look forward to sharing my time with you and hearing about your own adventures on the page.

Yours in journaling,