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journal prompts, tips and inspiration to gain clarity, improve your relationships and enrich your life.

I’m Kristin Renée and I’ve been journaling daily for more than 30 years. Join me as I guide you in building the life you want through journaling. I’m here to help you start or deepen your journaling  practice through my original articles, journal prompts and weekly emails. Let’s have fun and get you writing today!

journal prompts for an easy start

Not sure what to write about? Overcome writer’s block and dig deep in your journal using these journal prompts for inspiration.

popular posts to get you started

These three posts will get you up and running in no time!

the benefits of journaling

What can journaling do for you? You have questions and I have answers! You may be wondering if journaling can really improve your quality of life and more. Some questions I often hear are:

  • Why should I journal?
  • Will it be worth the effort?
  • What’s it really going to do for me?

I’ll tell you what I’ve discovered in more than 30 years of journaling.

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