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7 Easy Steps to Be a Better Quitter

by | How to Journal

Giving up negative behaviors is hard. But our bad habits and addictions hold us back from a truly fulfilling life.

This series of posts will walk you through the process of change from beginning to end. I’ll provide concrete tools and journaling prompts to uncover your motivation and get real about your habits. From identifying a behavior you’d like to change to maintaining your new healthy habits, I’ll walk you through the process beginning to end.

I used this process to quit smoking, change jobs, give up caffeine, start an exercise program, launch a new business and eliminate debt. It works!

Here is the outline of the series. Bookmark this page to follow along with the series.

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#1. What One Change Do You Need to Make?
Knowing is half the battle, as they say. These journaling prompts and writing exercises will help you identify what one behavior is holding you back the most so you can change it. Discover how to eliminate the root cause of your problems instead of continually treating the symptoms.

#2. Do You Realize What’s at Stake?
Looking at what will happen if you don’t make this change will keep you focused on the reality of your situation. These journaling prompts will guide you through a cost/benefit analysis to help you see what’s at stake if you continue with your negative behavior.

#3. You Do It Because It Works»
In order to be able to change a behavior, you have to look at why you do it. We do things because they work. On some level, this negative behavior is providing a payoff. Identifying that payoff gives you the freedom to choose a positive behavior with a similar payoff.

#4. How to Write Your Plan B
Once you are crystal clear about the feeling you are seeking through a behavior, you can find another method of creating the same feeling. These journaling prompts help you replace your bad habit with healthy alternatives steeped in self care.

#5. Where’d You Hide the Chocolate?
When you’re trying to make a difficult change, it’s important to understand what motivates you. Pinpointing exactly what lights a fire under your behind is essential to success. These journaling prompts help you highlight your particular brand of motivation.

#6. Who’s on Your Board of Directors?
One of the fastest ways to up the ante on your skill set is to find mentors. A mentor is anyone who is doing what you want to do – successfully.

#7. It’s Okay to Celebrate Your Success
Acknowledging a job well done makes you more likely to repeat the behavior. Here’s how to lavish yourself with positive reinforcement.

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