Do you ever get stuck?

Stuck is staying in a relationship that stopped working long ago. Or eating another pint of Ben & Jerry’s while thinking about how tight your jeans are. Stuck is avoiding that half-completed project begging for attention on your desk.

Stuck is uncomfortable. It makes us feel hopeless, helpless, full of despair.

Paralysis sets in when we don’t know the *real* reason we’re stuck. Not knowing why we’re stuck means we’re unable to take action. But getting unstuck is easier than you think.

I know this because the Page and I share a 300 sq.ft. studio apartment.

I chose this apartment. Granted, it was empty and the warm bamboo floors were awash with golden autumn sunlight when I first saw it. I probably would have signed the lease on a prison cell with that kind of natural light.

So our tiny, fabulously-lit apartment was driving me crazy last week. I didn’t have enough space. The obvious solution? Move.

But just *thinking* about the enormous undertaking of a move left me stricken. The packing, the change of address, the cable installation, all those stairs…

I got stuck.

The Page found me lying on the bed, paralyzed and hyperventilating.

It turns out the solution was much simpler than a change of residence. I just needed some boxes. Boxes to store off-season items, to make room, to clear out the clutter.

The Page left to get boxes, and suddenly I could breathe again. No U-haul necessary!

Discovering your sticking point will propel you into action and toward a solution. Let’s get you energized and inspired again.

Get our your journal and answer the question:

  • Why am I stuck?

The first few answers are predictable. They sound like something your partner, your mother, or your boss might say.

Keep digging. Answer it again. And again. And again.

  • Why am I REALLY stuck?

Write every answer to that question, for as long as you need to, until you hit the one that causes a jolt. A little burst of electricity.

The right answer is the one that motivates you to take action, right now.

And you may find that the solution is easier than you expected.