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why journal?

welcome, friend!

The topic of journaling is on your mind. I’m so glad you found this site.

Maybe you have a friend who journals. Perhaps you saw journaling on your favorite talk show or read about it in a magazine. Or maybe it was recommended to you by a life coach, medical professional or other trusted individual.

However you arrived here, I’m sure you have some questions about whether journaling can really improve your life, work, relationships, health and more. You may be wondering:

  • Why should I journal?
  • What’s it going to do for me?
  • What’s the pay-off?
  • Will it be worth the effort?

For starters, here are some ways journaling can help you.

Click the links to read more:

Another useful resource is the Frequently Asked Questions which addresses many of the topics beginning journalers have.

For a site tour and more info about the journaling resources available on this site, start here.

To get a feel for how powerfully journaling has impacted my life, read Journaling Saved My Life.

If you decide you’re ready to jump in, head over to the post How to Journal in 10 Simple Steps.

Yours in journaling,