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In Memory of Stephanie

by | Musings

I received an email this week that one of our fellow journalers passed away on Saturday. Her name was Stephanie and I want to tell you a little bit about her because she had a big impact on me.

Stephanie was one of the earliest and most active readers of this web site. She often sent me encouraging emails telling me how much she appreciated me and the work I was doing. She told me she’d started writing again because of me. There is no greater gift in the world than for me to hear those words.

We bonded over our love of Blueline notebooks, which she ordered after I recommended them. Her frequent love notes often brought tears to my eyes.

The most incredible part is that during this time of selfless support, Stephanie was very ill. She had had a difficult couple of years as one affliction after another ravaged her body.

I had no idea she was sick until her husband notified me of her passing. That’s the type of person Stephanie was – she would offer love and support without drawing attention to herself or what she was going through.

Her husband Bill told me that Stephanie donated her organs, and though many of her organs were damaged beyond usefulness, the corneas of her eyes were healthy. As Bill said,

“Now, because of Stephanie, two sightless people will once again be able to see their loved ones, watch the sun rise and set, and see the beauty that is all around them. That is the type of person she was.”

I’ve been thinking about Stephanie a lot these past few days and the example she has set. I so often get wrapped up in my own Important Dramas and making sure I get the attention I feel I deserve. Yet here is someone who was so giving, without asking for anything in return, even when she was going through a painful time.

I am filled with overwhelming gratitude to Stephanie for the love and support she gave so freely, as well as this lesson she taught me.

Rest in peace, Stephanie. We will miss you.

Yours in journaling,


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