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Interview: Shaynie of Keeping Journals

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I’ve got a fresh new journaling interview, just for you. My goal with these interviews is to introduce you to your fellow journalers, perhaps open you up to some new ways of journaling, and to illustrate that there are as many ways to keep a journal as there are journal keepers. If you’d like to do a future interview, be sure to drop me a line.

Today we’re chatting with Shaynie, who has a great journaling blog over at Journaling Journeys. I love that she talks about her experience with NaNoWriMo and journaling, because I’ve found daily writing to be helpful in completing that mad-cap fiction exercise, too.

Even though Shaynie is only 19, she’s already been journaling for almost a decade! Girl after my own heart. 🙂 Like I always say, you’re never too old – or too young – to start!

How did you get started journaling?

I don’t really remember; I think I probably read the “Amelia” books by Marissa Moss, or maybe Harriet the Spy. And then I was inspired to start one myself.

How long have you been journaling?

I have kept a (relatively) regular journal since I was 10. I am 19 now.

How often do you write?

Several times a day; usually a page or so when I first wake up, and then throughout the day whenever I have some spare time on my hands.

Where do you write?

Anywhere and everywhere–at the table, in my bed, at doctor’s offices, hospitals, in the car, at restaurants…

Do you prefer morning or night?

Definitely night.

Do you have a preferred journal or notebook?

Not really….I buy notebooks whenever I have spare cash, and I have about 20 blank ones lined up on my desk of all shapes, sizes, designs, etc. So I pick and write in a new journal based on what mood I am in…and usually they’re different ones every time.

Do you use prompts or free writing or a combination?

I use a combination, but usually I use free writing. I use prompts only when I am bored. I also like to use poetry as prompts.

Have you ever found it necessary to take a break from journaling?

Yeah…I mean I guess so. I have taken breaks, not because I wanted to, but because I guess I was bored with what I was doing. For example, I started a journal when I was 10. I wrote once every couple weeks, then stopped completely until I was 12.

Then from 12 to 15 I wrote a daily journal. After that, until I was 18 (last year) my journaling was sporadic–entries only several times a month or so because I didn’t “want” to journal. So, breaks…yes.

Has journaling contributed to any important changes or events in your life?

Journaling really helped me participate in (and win!) my first NaNoWriMo last year. I would fill five or more pages with all sorts of ramblings about my novel and such, and I don’t know if I would have done as well if I didn’t have my journal.

What has surprised you most about journaling?

Recently, I have been very surprised at how fast I am able to fill up notebooks with mostly incoherent ramblings! I love to see all my notebooks stacked up, and I never thought I would have as many as I do (21 volumes now, not a lot compared to sme people, I know! But it’s a start!)

What’s your biggest journaling roadblock or hurdle?

Probably actually sitting down and writing; sometimes I’m tired and bored with it (and in that case I will take a small break, maybe a day or so). But I know that I will regret having not written, so I try to always write something even if I don’t want to.

Advice for journaling newbies?

Just write–and make sure you have a good pen. 😉 A good pen can really get you going. For me anyway. 😉

Anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you very much for letting me do this, Kristin! When I recently got into a daily journal last year, I Googled all about journaling, and your site came up. I fell in love immediately; you have so much to share and I am always inspired after reading a new article or The Big Dig. Thank you!

Pleasure to have you, Shaynie. Thanks for sharing your journaling world with us!

Be sure to check out Shaynie’s blog over at

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