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#45: Well, I never!

by | Journal Prompts

Are you proud of what you’ve never done?

Or are there things you’d like try that you haven’t yet? This week’s prompt centers on the things we haven’t done.

In your journal, make two lists: things you’ve never done (thankfully!) and things you intend to do for the first time (soon!).

For example, if you’ve never been arrested, kudos to you. Doesn’t it feel good to write that accomplishment on the list?

For the second list, perhaps you’ve never skinny dipped. Maybe that’s something you’d like to try this summer. (Just be sure it doesn’t result in you crossing off “never been arrested” from the first list.)

After you make the lists, reflect on what they mean.

  • Why haven’t you done the things that interest you? Have you been coloring inside the lines for so long that you’ve forgotten how to break free?
  • Or perhaps you’re limited by time, money or geography. What changes can you make to help you accomplish your never-dones?

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