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#44: What makes you feel abundant?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance lately. You know, that feeling of enoughness. Which is, ironically, rare in our land o’ plenty.

The abundance mindset is a powerful state of believing you have enough of whatever you need. That you will be taken care of. That you can trust the Universe and the people around you to meet your needs.

When you embrace an abundance mindset, you take risks that bring great rewards. You give to others from the bottom of the heart. You are generous and bold.

The magical part? Acting from a place of abundance actually creates abundance.

You know you’ll always have enough, so you give freely. Giving freely encourages others to do the same. So you will always have enough because those around you are always giving freely, too.

Everyone benefits from an abundance mindset.

And I know you understand that I’m not talking about the kind of giving that comes with a self-addressed return envelope. You know I mean the kind of giving that comes from a full heart and a desire to share and connect with others. That’s truly the only path to abundance.

My mom always kept a giant bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table in my childhood home. That bowl was always full, bursting with an array of juicy, colorful fruits.

That’s because when my mom was growing up, fruit was a luxury. A special treat. So when she had her own home and could afford fresh produce, she splurged. And these giant bowls of fresh fruit made her feel abundant.

What makes you feel abundant?

I have a short list that I indulge in. Small pleasures with a big payoff, that put me in an abundance mindset.

Like chilled San Pelligrino mineral water in a glass bottle. A phone conversation with my sister where we both talk until we’re done. Three uninterrupted hours at the cafe with a good book.

These small indulgences make me believe I can safely give of myself. I feel abundant when I spend three hours reclined in a velvet chair digging a new novel. So when someone asks for my time, I give it freely. I have enough time. I will always have enough time.

Here’s your journal prompt for digging deep

  • What makes you feel abundant?

Write on that for awhile. List out as many things as you can think of. You can even start this list in the back of your journal and add items as they come to you.

Then pick one this week and indulge.

The Universe needs you to feel abundant!

Yours in journaling,


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