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#43: Whose permission do you need for self care?

by | Journal Prompts

I’ve been really sick this week. I’m not telling you this because I want sympathy. (Okay, I want sympathy. But that’s besides the point.) I’m telling you this because it took me three full days of dragging my ill body around before I gave myself permission to get in bed and be sick.

I noticed on day three of this raging cold that I was journaling yet again about how sick I was and how much work I had to do. How I didn’t have time to be sick. How I really just wanted to climb in bed with my Theraflu and Netflix.

It’s funny how we get to be adults, dishing out permission left and right to others, yet we still forget to give ourselves permission for self-care.

Get out your journal and think about what you really need right now. Try the following prompts:

  • What do you need to give yourself permission for?

    – Self care?
    – Time to journal?
    – Money to buy those new paints?
    – An hour alone?

  • Who is it you really want permission from?

    – Your mother?
    – Your conscience?
    – Your partner?
    – Your kids?
    – Your boss?

Identify whatever it is that you truly need in order to take care of yourself right now.

What feels like an indulgence is often necessary for survival.

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