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#32: Why is this so complicated?

by | Journal Prompts

Why do we humans make everything so complicated?

I’ve been ruminating on that one quite a bit this week. It’s an epidemic; I see it at work, at home, online, in conversations, in media messaging. The more layers of convolution the better, it seems.

It’s time to put an end to all that. Simplifying is all about discovering what is truly important, and letting the rest slide.

This week in our journals, let’s work with the theme of simplicity. Here are some journaling prompts to give you a jump start:

  • What in my life is begging for simplicity? What would that look like?
  • What is needlessly complicated in my relationships? How would simplifying them affect their quality?
  • What do I wish I could get rid of (physically or metaphorically)?
  • What would my day look like if I were able to cultivate simplicity?
  • … my conversations?
  • … my friendships?
  • … my job?
  • What purpose does complication serve in my life? Does it distract me from the tougher issues that are uncomfortable to face? Or is it a lack of organization?

As always, be gentle with yourself and approach the prompts in an attitude of compassionate exploration. Compassion itself is simple.

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