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#33: You are a raging success!

by | Journal Prompts

If you’re like me, you’re pretty quick to remind yourself of all the terrible things you’ve done. I like to ruminate on past mistakes, bad decisions, social gaffes and lapses in judgment.

But how often do you sit around and thoughtfully muse on all you’ve accomplished?

Let’s give it a shot today. Because regardless of where you are in life, you’ve accomplished some spectacular things. Private successes are just as important. It doesn’t matter whether you were Employee of the Month or you made a bang-up Banana Bread. You’ve done something notable.

One of my friends told me she hadn’t accomplished anything noteworthy while I was sitting there looking at photos of her three kids. Hello?! You MADE THREE NEW HUMANS and safely got them to adulthood! How is that not an accomplishment?

Get out that journal and turn to a blank page. At the top, in big bold letters (feel free to use a sharpie or sparkles) write:

  • “I have succeeded at…”

Write for at least ten minutes. List it all: perfect hospital corners, a scary speech, a B+ in organic chemistry, a half-decent novel, a pot roast to die for.

Now flag that page so you can come back to it. Add items as you think of them — or as you accomplish them! When you’re feeling low or incapable, just turn to that page and marvel over your own ability.

You are potent, powerful — a raging success. And don’t you forget it.

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