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#34: What would that look like, anyway?

by | Journal Prompts

I’ve got a great journaling prompt for you today that I actually repurposed from a corporate boardroom, of all places.

As I write about in this week’s new Journaling Saves blog post, The Importance of Being Specific, getting really clear on what you’re after will make your dreams more attainable.

One prompt I’ve found useful for getting to the nitty gritty about my heart’s desire is:

  • What would that look like?

We tend to make large scale wishes like, “I want to be happier” and “I wish I had more time.” The Universe, which is responsible for setting our Wishlist in motion, doesn’t know what to do with that. It’s like typing “fun” into Google and expecting your weekend plans to appear in the results.

But when you follow up your semi-vague wish with the question, “What would that look like?” you’ve got a recipe for a dream come true.

So get out your journal and write about your latest desire. Maybe you’d like to up the ante on your social life. Your initial thought is, “I want to have more fun.” Now plug in your question: What would that look like?

Well, you’d have someplace to go on Friday nights. Maybe you’d check out that new museum exhibit. Or share the local bookstore with a friend. Perhaps you’d like to have a fitness buddy or some company at the dog park.

Now we’re getting somewhere! Specific desires are easier to imagine and more powerful. They motivate you effortlessly. They make you want to do the work to get there. They create a plan of action: So you need to call your old roommate, the bibliophile. Or maybe talk to that cutie you always see when out walking Scout. Pick up a newspaper on Thursday when all the goings-on around town are published.

Now both you and the Universe have something to work with. You may find yourself “running into” that dog walking prospect. Or maybe an old friend surprises you with an extra ticket to the symphony. You’d be amazed what’s possible when you get really specific.

Give it a shot. Let me know how it turns out — I love to hear about these prompts in action. It makes me all tingly inside.

Also be sure to check out the blog post The Importance of Being Specific for more ideas on the topic — and the story of how I accidentally ended up with a pair of very small goats.

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