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#24: Dreaming on the page

by | Journal Prompts

I’ve gotta tell you – I’ve been having really weird dreams lately.

I usually have a colorful nightlife, but the past week or two my dreams have been crazy. I started writing them down in my morning journaling session. At first it was out of necessity, but soon I was doing it out of curiosity.

I’ve been looking for patterns. I’ve never believed in those one-size-fits-all dream interpretation guides. Plus, as Freud famously said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” But translating my dream scenarios into themes has been very eye opening.

I often feel that daily journaling prevents your subconscious from getting away with much. But maybe the subconscious is super sneaky, and it always looks for a way to disguise what it’s up to. Dreams seem to be the back door.

This week, try journaling your dreams.

Not only does it make for entertaining future reading, but it can offer insight into what’s really going on behind the scenes. As an added bonus, I’ve discovered that keeping a dream journal actually helps me dream more — or at least I am starting to remember my dreams much more clearly. There’s some weird stuff going on between these ears at night!

What’s going on between yours?

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